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Yves Klein Blue in interior design

We have seen an explosion of colour at this year’s interior design fairs: yellow, green and blue in shades that dare to be there!

They are distinctive colours that perfectly complement the still on-going presence of pastels. Now let’s take a look at the electrifying blue, also known as Klein Blue.

This bold shade of blue is named after the French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962).

Klein was a pioneer in performance art and seen as an inspiration for the sixties pop art movement.

He is known for using exuberant blue in a series of monochrome artworks solely made in this colour.  His shade of blue is now recognized as the International Klein Blue. 


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Pastels and blue
Pastels and blue

Klein’s blue is a deep and rich hue made with ultramarine pigment. The intensity is so strong ‘it almost jumps off the painting’, said Gabriel Riera, Director of Communications for the Smithsonian Institute.

What makes the Klein blue so amazing? Ultramarine pigment is placed in a matte synthetic resin binder and because it is not mixed, the pigment maintains its original qualities and intensity. (source: Wikipedia)

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marsala design Marvell collection
marsala design Marvell collection

Klein Blue has fascinated the design world, and brings a wonderful edge to interiors. Recent trends show this blue used to upholster large pieces of furniture creating a focal point in the room. See our Houdini velvet used by Jamie Hayon in Barcelo Torre de Madrid Hotel.

Mir design Marvell collection
Venere collection valona design
Venere collection valona design

Use beautiful drapery fabrics for stunning curtains that will take centre stage, such as the prints featured in our ‘Marvell’ and ‘Vivabella’ collections. Or the famously striking blue in jacquard form such as our Valona design from the Venere collection. 


matilda design Marvell collection
Collage Museum Apoxyomenos
Collage Museum Apoxyomenos

Just as denim is a staple in your wardrobe, blue is a timeless and universal colour for interiors – it always works whether it’s an impressive feature or the perfect accent.

Let yourself be inspired by FR-One’s collections of inherently flame retardant fabrics!

note: some of these FR-One collections may be discontinued.