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Sound and Vision: creating perfect spaces with FR-One’s SPELLBOUND

In this digital age, our sensory experiences are often limited to what we see on screens. As social media further changes our experience of the sensory aspects of design, designers are deliberately invested in creating interiors that engage our senses in a holistic manner. 

In this article, we will delve into the importance of sound quality in a room and explore the difference between sound absorption and soundproofing. We also dive into the effects of light quality and how it can transform the mood of a space. With FR-One Fabrics, you can create stunning interiors that not only charm the eye but also deliver a memorable ambient experience. 

I: The Effects of Sound Quality in a Room

Poor sound management can disrupt the ambiance and functionality of a room no matter what size it is, negatively impacting the overall experience of the people in it. We’ve all been in restaurants or cafes that are as noisy as a swimming pool on the weekend: this is exactly the experience designers generally try to steer clear of.

It’s clearly essential to consider the effects of sound when designing interiors. But what does this look like in reality? FR-One fabrics not only enhance the visual and tactile aesthetic appeal of a space, but they also improve its light and sound issues. 

Let’s unpack this a little.

II: Sound Absorption vs Soundproofing

Before delving into the benefits of FR-One Fabrics, it's important to know the difference between sound absorption and soundproofing. Sound absorption involves reducing sound reflections and echoes within a room. By utilising materials with excellent sound absorption properties, such as FR-One fabrics, designers can create environments that are more acoustically comfortable. 

On the other hand, soundproofing focuses on minimising the transmission of sound between different areas. Sound proofing technology is generally restricted to industrial applications, such as music recording suites or audio testing booths. 

Sound absorbing fabric is not soundproof but can dramatically improve the sound quality in a room: something to keep in mind for busy spaces like restaurants or bars, and even corporate meeting rooms and private bedrooms. 

So how do you control sound levels? All drapery fabric has at least some fundamental sound-absorbing qualities. If you choose to work with fabrics that have a higher baseline when it comes to sound absorption, then your final drapery fittings will automatically perform better from an ambient point of view too. 

These can be increased if you are clever with your design choices.

The thickness of the fabric, increased by pleats, and the density of the weave are key aspects to focus on. By maximising the density and folds of FR-One drapery, you can trap more sound within them, reducing sound reflection within the room.

The placement of the draperies and their distance from windows or other sound-reflecting surfaces can also impact the effectiveness of sound absorption. 

Good to know: following acoustic testing under ISO 354-11654, many of our fabrics have been classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B.

III: The Effects of Light Quality

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design: it can make or break the ambiance of any given space. The right lighting can transform a room's mood, enhance its functionality, and elevate the overall aesthetic. 

But how do you quantify 'good'? 

Lighting quality can be broken down into three key components: 1) the colour temperature of the light 2) the amount of glare 3) the direction of light. The colour temperature refers to how warm or cool a light source is, while glare describes how much light reflects off surfaces such as walls and floors. The direction of light refers to how and where it is cast and can be controlled by various types of lamps, fixtures and drapery fabrics.  Mixing warm, cool, and neutral colours together gives you a wide range of options for creating moods.

We recommend using FR-One drapery fabrics to start controlling the light levels of a space. Why not filter light through multiple layers of curtains with different weights? This layering technique creates a captivating atmosphere that adds a modern and enduring touch to your interior design, making it more memorable than just functional.

For optimal light control, especially in bedroom interiors, consider using dim-out or blackout fabrics. These kinds of drapery fabrics effectively block out external light, creating a soothing and tranquil room that sets the stage for peaceful dreams. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Blackout curtains have two layers of fabric sewn together. They are designed to block 100% of UV rays and sunlight while also cooling the inside space in summer and warming it in winter. The outer layer, or back of the fabric, is usually solid black or white, whereas the inner layer, facing the inside of the room, is much more visually appealing and plusher, available in different colours and characteristics to complement the design of the interior.
  • Dim-out draperies are more about the privacy afforded rather than blocking the light from a room completely. Dim-out curtains are available in a range of fabric density, and can block up to 98% of light from entering a room. 

To further enhance your interior design projects, consider exploring our newest collection, SPELLBOUND. 

Our newest collection is called SPELLBOUND, and it utilises Global Recycled Standard (GRS) fibre content across all designs. It showcases FR-One's commitment to safety, sustainability, and exceptional performance, ensuring that your spaces not only look remarkable but are also built with the highest quality, eco-conscious materials. 

SPELLBOUND features 7 thoughtfully developed collections including multi-purpose, upholstery, drapery and sheers. This range embraces sustainable fabrics and solidifies our choice and use of GRS yarns.

FR-One Fabrics provide an exceptional solution for creating perfect interiors that prioritise sound absorption and light control. When you include our textiles in your designs, you can create any space that is an inviting blend of form and function with style and tranquillity.

Experience the magic of our newest SPELLBOUND collection and unlock the potential of your interior designs today.