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Find inspiration on FR-One Pinterest

Design inspiration is everywhere and social media gives you daily doses of ideas. Pinterest is such a great online discovery tool.

From spotting the best chocolate cake recipe to the coolest beaches in the world, you will find what you are looking for (and much more!) on Pinterest. It is the online version of what we used to do with magazines: tearing out interesting articles and keeping them in a folder.  Pinterest lets you search, gather and organize images digitally to build a visual portfolio of the things you like and that inspire you.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual medium and is becoming more and more popular with designers and creatives.

Where do you start? Once you have set up your Pinterest account you create moodboards for your passions and interests. And then you can begin with pinning photos!

At FR-One we love pinning.  We have put together a great collection of moodboards from colours and colour combinations to inspiring quotes and of course our FR-One videos. The FR-One boards are updated weekly so when you follow us you can see the photos appearing in your newsfeed.

You will discover great photos from all our collections on the FR-One boards you see at the top of our account and repin your favourite fabrics to your boards.

  • Visit our page and follow us

  • Create your own FR-One moodboard

  • Repin your favourite fabrics from our collections boards to your FR-One board

And let yourself be inspired!

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram also!

Sneek preview of FR-One's Pinterest site
Sneek preview of FR-One's Pinterest site

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