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Get balanced with green shades in your interior design

We all need balance and harmony in our lives, and interior design colour schemes are a great way of bringing this into your home decor.

The colour green is linked to nature, it gives us a feeling of calm but also energy. Check this post out for some eye-candy.

Inspiring green decor ideas
Moon collection

Emerald green and gold is a luxurious colour combo with high-end feeling. Discover it in the range of FR-One velours fabrics and faux leathers for upholstery.

This velvet green sofa is a showstopper! 

Combine different shades of green for an organic effect. 

The Marvell collection is characterized by strong designs that are nuanced by lovely shades of watercolour green. 

Inspiring green decor ideas
"marsala" and "matilda" design
Moon collection
Inspiring green decor ideas
Delis, Chieftain, Cherish Velours collection
Candor collection

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