Art Deco Interiors for the 21st Century

Art Deco has a bold, sleek aesthetic that transcends trends, and as a result, it has never really gone away since its birth in the roaring 20s.

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Optimum by FR-One: create your own success

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Optimum range, a sophisticated range of new fire retardant FR-One fabrics inspired by the collaborative, dynamic nature of the workplace.

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Maximize your interior design with triple the fabrics

Use fabrics like a minimalist in order to get some seriously maximalist décor. Read more on how to ramp up the impact of your interior design using sumptuous fabrics and textures.

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Inherently Fire Retardant, Inherently Luxurious: This Is Lithology

From graceful sheers to lustrous chenille, velvet and jacquard, our Lithology range offers everything you need for your commercial or residential projects. Read on more all the luscious details of each collection.

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Millennial Pink is here to stay

There is no avoiding it, pink is everywhere in interior design!

Gone are the days of hot 1980s pink, today’s ‘millennial pink’ is strong, bold and irresistible.

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Interior design fabric trends in 2017

Architectural Digest Magazine has recently published an article on the fabric trends we will see in interior design this year.

Looking at patterns and shades these are the five themes they presented:

  • sunny yellow colours to lift up any mood
  • the classic stripes revisited
  • a come-back of moiré
  • strong pink they call 'haute' pink
  • a geometric pattern that channels a classic Bauhaus theme
All trends can be found in this year's FR-One collections too and you can find an overview in this blog post View more

Using purple and blue in your interior design

Done right, purple can really work (no, it’s not just an 80s throwback). For centuries, purple was the colour of royalty (Emperor, anyone?), so bringing it into an interior space can inject it with a certain chic extravagance that it’s hard to get anyhow else.

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6 ideas to make your bedroom the styliest place in the house

It is the place where you end and start your day, surround yourself with style! Get some bedroom decorating ideas from the FR-One collections.

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Hello 'Greenery': Pantone Colour Of The Year: 2017

December is the month of traditions.

One event that all designers have noted in their diary is the announcement of Pantone Colour of the Year.

It's always a challenge to forecast what they will choose but one thing is sure: we will see the colour trend prediction popping up everywhere from fashion and home décor to nail varnish and kitchen appliances.

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Get balanced with green shades in your interior design

We all need balance and harmony in our lives, and interior design colour schemes are a great way of bringing this into your home decor.

The colour green is linked to nature, it gives us a feeling of calm but also energy. Check this post out for some eye-candy.

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Design peaceful interiors with a dusty pastel palette

Chill out with romantic, soft pastels. Pastels are the new, nervier neutral.

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Tips for designing with neutrals

Newsflash: neutral shades are more than only beige. Discover a range of textures and patterns in the FR-One collections for a serene and relaxing design.

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5 ways to decorate with white

White is a clean, classic colour, but it can go flat very quickly without the right forethought, creating a hollow feeling in a space. It is, however, incredibly versatile.

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Inspired by Pantone colour of the year 2016

Every year the Pantone Colour Institute nominates a colour of the year.

Last year the warm Marsala Red was the winner.

A few weeks ago they surprised us with an unprecedented choice for 2016...

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Using the metallic trend in interior design

Today’s interior designers love using luminous fabric to add warmth and sheen to a room.

It’s that 'je ne sais quoi' to an interior that people will remember... and it doesn’t need to be big.

Read on to learn about using metallic tones in your interior design projects.


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How to decorate with red

Feeling like your interiors are a bit 'meh'? Using red in your interior design scheme brings in passion and a touch of drama. How can you achieve the look you’re going for? That’s what today’s post is all about!

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How to choose the perfect yellow for your interior design

Energizing, stimulating and fruity.

We could be talking about our favourite smoothie or the colour yellow!

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