Exploring European FR standards: EN 1021 Part 1 and 2

Fire safety is incredibly important when talking about interior textiles and the contract interiors sector. Decorative fabrics that perform highly even in potentially unsafe situations can help to ensure that built environments are safe places to live and work.

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FR standards: understanding German DIN 4102 (B1)

Peek behind the technicalities of FR standards with this spotlight into the German DIN 4102 (B1).

Fire safety standards for decorative fabrics cover all kinds of uses, from high-end upholstery to soft furnishings or even entire contract fitouts. They are strict rules that need to be followed to prevent fire and save lives.

Fire standards and textiles testing benchmarks can vary from region to region, and so today we dive into a standard that we are frequently asked to explain: the DIN 4102 (B1) for Germany.

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Flame Retardant fabric for upholstery: UK standards

Our inherently fire retardant fabrics are used throughout the world. The UK market has its own quirks and policies just like any other part of the world, but standards and certifications can seem a little complicated at first glance.

Ready to demystify these standards once and for all? We are too! Let’s get started.

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Contract fabric specification in 2021

Conformity to top-level performance and safety standards is a passport to new opportunities. When so much depends on validation in the contract furnishings industry, any claims made by suppliers need to be backed up with hard facts. Here's what you need to know.

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Testing FR drapery and upholstery under British standards

The fire safety of upholstered furniture and drapery used in non-domestic market is a complex system. In this article, we look at the different fire retardancy tests and standards that are required in the UK for specifying contract fabrics. Let’s begin with BS5867 Part 2 B and C, as this drapery-specific standard can be difficult when it comes to specification.

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5 things hotels can learn from Airbnb

The thought of encouraging strangers to stay in your spare room was virtually unheard of prior to 2008. But then along came Airbnb and everything changed. 

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Our guide to...Choosing the right architect for your construction project

It may sound obvious, but when you're embarking on a construction project it's vital to choose an architect who has the right skill set for your particular scheme.

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Our guide to...The role of a commercial architect

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