How Experiential Design is changing the hospitality industry

We all know that hotels and restaurants need to be memorable, but consumers are increasingly being drawn to more elaborate experiences when it comes to travel and dining. This subtle change in consumer behaviour – particularly that of millennials – has caused the hospitality industry to sit up and take note.

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Why the creative process lies at the heart of all our projects

Creativity is everything when it comes to interior design. From conception to completion, the brief must be met with creativity and originality, while ensuring aesthetics and functionality come together seamlessly.

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Achieving optimal results begins with inspiration

Inspirational design is all around us, but finding inspiration as a designer isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This blog post recognises that inspiration is the first step of every interior decoration project.

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Key hospitality design trends for 2020 you need to know - Part 2

Last week we were looking at 2020 hotel construction and interior design trends.

If you missed that post on restorative environments, read it here.

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Key hospitality design trends for 2020 you need to know - Part 1

There is a lot going on in the hotel industry. So much so that it’s sometimes hard to see what’s really happening in the industry as a whole.

What is the bigger picture for the hospitality industry in 2020? What are the main trends and themes to take note of in architecture and interior design of these spaces?

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Creating the palette of productivity with our Optimum fabrics range

With its distinctive façade of 756 curved concrete capsule windows, Constantin Brodzki’s architectural masterpiece has an unmistakable visual presence.  

Formerly the headquarters of cement company CBR, the honey-tinted windows of the building draw visitors in, creating a special atmosphere before you even step in through the main entrance.

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Luxury is Living: 4 New Designer Hotels Focus on Unique Experiences

Luxury is undergoing a sea change in our digital age, experiencing a shift from ‘having’ luxurious goods to ‘experiencing’ moments of luxury. We’ve chosen four new luxury hotels that epitomize this trend and ideal, so get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful spaces.

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Using purple and blue in your interior design

Done right, purple can really work (no, it’s not just an 80s throwback). For centuries, purple was the colour of royalty (Emperor, anyone?), so bringing it into an interior space can inject it with a certain chic extravagance that it’s hard to get anyhow else.

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5 ways to decorate with white

White is a clean, classic colour, but it can go flat very quickly without the right forethought, creating a hollow feeling in a space. It is, however, incredibly versatile.

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How to decorate with red

Feeling like your interiors are a bit 'meh'? Using red in your interior design scheme brings in passion and a touch of drama. How can you achieve the look you’re going for? That’s what today’s post is all about!

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