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Achieving optimal results begins with inspiration

Inspirational design is all around us, but finding inspiration as a designer isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This blog post recognises that inspiration is the first step of every interior decoration project.

It's time to spark creativity

Today we look at a specific, inspirational colour palette created exclusively from our Optimum fabrics, and zoom out from it a little to explore connections between current interior trends and the need for simplicity. There is some delicious eye-candy too to get your creative juices flowing, and you will also have a sneak peek into the minds of our in-house design team.

Let’s get to it.















Every finished design project begins with a seed of inspiration

Inspiration lies at the heart of every design project, from website design or sculpture design, to grand architectural projects, and clearly reaching far into interior design and decoration.

In fact, inspiration is a key part of sparking creative collaboration. If inspiration is the beginning of a fantastic concept, collaboration is the engine that takes this initial idea to new heights.

Inspiration leading to collaboration is incredibly important to us. Both are actually listed in our brochure as a kind of mission statement:

Let us inspire, create, collaborate, challenge and deliver - together.


We’ve found that in most things in life, design included, it’s usually the simplest ideas that are the best. Unpretentious but gorgeous design has been sparking creativity since the dawn of art, and if modern trends are anything to go by, it is not slowing down. The delicate, ethereal shades in this fabric combination reflect this perfectly, because they are elegant, simple, and, as always, on trend.

We conceived our inspirational colour collection as a sort of seascape – subtle, like a conch shell, awash with intricate hues and resonances.



We’ve seen softer shades like these returning in colour predictions for 2020. They’ve been spotted in blog articles across the internet, from press releases by Dulux to trend reports from Valspar and Coloro. The different shades in this colour palette appear under exciting names like Winter Calm and Desert Fortress, Purist Blue and Mellow Yellow.


This fabric swatch of Optimum colours is a concrete example of how small but mighty elements of design can actually support inspiration.

How is design inspiring?

Sometimes it can help you approach life from a different perspective. Innovative solutions are born from small things, including interior decoration. Design can surprise you, or make you think because of small, simple things like the subtle interplay of shade in an interior space’s palette, or the mix and match of textures and surfaces in a room.

Our core work at FR-One is to support you in making evocative choices in your contract design projects. We see the Optimum collection as a reflection of this.


Download our 2019/2020 trends book

Our in-house designers, highlighting the most important current trends throughout the design world, curated our 2019/2020 trends book.

Wide-reaching sources of guidance include product design, fashion design, photography, and of course, colour palettes. Use it as a go-to resource on your next interior design adventure.


Download our 2019/2020 trend book here. 


FR-One: a creative partner to support your beautiful interior design results

Our mission at FR-One is to support collaboration through our inherently fire retardant fabrics. We do this every day in our own workplace by facilitating communication, collaboration and genuine connection between team members from all parts of the company.

Our mission is also, and always has been, to inspire with beautiful design.

We hope you’ve found this post inspirational! Thanks for reading!