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Back to overview December 17, 2021

Olivier Delhomme presents our Resurgence & RE-Store collections

Today we focus on two of our newest collections from the RE-Invent range: Resurgence and RE-StoreView our beautiful collection videos presented by Olivier Delhomme below and continue scrolling for the key transcript points of his presentations 

RESURGENCE / 2 Designs, 8 SKUs / FR Upholstery


Resurgence presents two unconventional vinyl qualities: Register and Refined. Both mirror the look and texture of natural woven linens in the form of a boundlessly durable engineered vinyl.

Register and Refined are compiled together with a range of FR-One’s carefully curated sheers, drapery, and upholstery fabrics - all in a soft, enduring, and neutral colour palette.


Transcripted: With the Resurgence collection, the concept started about four years ago. It was at the occasion of a trip to the Italian east coast, where I spent a long weekend in this brand-new hotel. And what shocked me as I register and sign in was that the whole lobby was in white linen and …gosh horror I was thinking. This lobby is going to last one week.

So I, soon as I signed in, I quickly ran towards the chairs and the sofas and discovered that they were not made of linen, but they were made of faux leathers: PVC. Leaning into the strengths of the PVC to mimic a natural fibre.

Usually when you look at faux leathers the aim is to mimic leather. And what was very interesting was the idea of not doing the going into the leather route, but going into a more natural field. So this is the reason why, and after four years of development, we managed to create a softness and a dryness in a fabric that really looks like a natural. So from a distance, it is a natural quality and we have made two designs: one is called Refined, and then you have Registered.

So, there are two different grain of linen qualities that we have developed in four colours each. It is a rather small collection of eight SKUs and it was the perfect occasion for us to represent in Resurgence a natural collection. It is a potpourri of natural qualities.

Eight designs translate into eight colour palettes in our sample book. And the beauty there is, and the way we have made the book is by picking the best linen and natural colours: the best sellers. This is a book of bestsellers all together, going through all the different tones of natural linen.

RE-STORE / 3 Designs, 27 SKUs / FR Dimout

A trio of wide width textured dim outs in GRS certified recycled polyester, the RE-Store collection is perfectly suited to today’s interior projects.

  • 1 - RE-Juvenate features a small basket weave texture subtly combining matt and shiny yarns to create a dim out with excellent tactility and dimension.
  • 2 - RE-Boot is composed of fine multi-coloured and lurex yarns delivering a glamorous dim out that catches the light.
  • 3 - RE-New has an organic, dry and tactile look and feel, this dim out brings a sophisticated quality to any interior.

Transcripted: The FR-One RE-Store wide-width dim out collection is composed of three designs: RE-New, RE-Boot, RE-Juvenate. There are nine colourways each, with 27 colourways in this beautiful collection. The names themselves indicate the source of supply capital R capital E shows the recycled content of this collection.

So, we have 54, 57, 60% recycled polyester in RE-Store, showing the sustainability of the collection all together. The design RE-new is inspired from a very well-known (FR-One) collection. We have used our bestseller to create RE-Store. RE-New has a nice, dry, natural feel from a previous collection called Ataton.

All these fabrics are washable at high temperatures. So they have also retained that this particular variety and, uh, recommended at 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71° Celsius), which is the American Hospital Washing Standard.

Inherently fire retardant multipurpose fabrics

Every collection of our FR fabrics meets the most demanding fire standards world-wide – even at sea. In fact, FR-One produce the only decorative fabrics in the world that are certified as module E under the Maritime Equipment Directive. 

View all of these standards.

Our fabrics are also certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and REACH (‘Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals’ in the European Union). This guarantees that our furnishing fabrics will not release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world and are completely safe for human skin.

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