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What can we learn from our top-selling fire retardant fabrics?

Today we looking back across FR-One’s history at our top ten best-selling FR fabrics. What can we learn from our release history that informs our work today? Let’s explore.

Lexicon // Flat Weave

Lexicon is an effortless wide width drapery fabric with a soft touch. Its natural aesthetic is highlighted by rhythmic linen like fibres, with all of the advantages of our 100% inherently FR polyester.

flat weave fabric lexicon closeup_amethyst

May // Sheer

FR dimout curtain fabric in front of a statement green armchair_aten collection

Aten Dim Out // Dimout

A dim out perfect for any environment requiring privacy and a certain darkness. The collection is characterised by soft and easy-going shades in a natural and earthy colour spectrum. Its two matt designs combine style and functionality whilst its herringbone pattern will add a subtle lustre to any interior.FR dimout curtain fabric aten in a soft mood hotel room colour

Lucence // Sheer

A soft and graceful sheer collection comprised of two wide width designs with mesh-like transparency. Lighten is a fine weave in a honed and subtle colour palette. Lucidity is its heavier counterpart with a feeling of generous volume, in deep and opulent colours to create dramatic effect.

Ludo // Chenille

FR-One’s luxurious chenille velvet. Ludo has sumptuous drape and volume allowing you to create stunning curtains with amazing fullness, as well as indulgently soft and rich upholstery. Ludo creates polished and inviting interiors.

Jaba // Sheer

Jaba is a fabulous sheer collection with a delicate colour palette consisting of great naturals and fresh pastels. With its fine and intricate weave, Jabba has the look and feel of muslin gauze. From its origin in Bangali Daka, muslin gauze became a prominent fashion fabric for the ladies at king’s courts and palaces. As tribute to this fashion trend, we used Jaba to dress our models in our Jubileum photoshoot.

Delis // Texture

FR-One’s best-selling ‘Delis’ is reinvented in a renewed wide width and recycled format suitable for drapery, bedding and upholstery application. RE-Delis is 300cm wide and features a matte, dry and natural look and touch emulating a beautiful raw linen.

recycled polyster FR fabric redelis closeup in mushroomrecycled polyster FR fabric redelis closeup in flax










Composed of 52% recycled GRS certified polyester, RE-Delis is an exciting quality for today’s increasingly astute and conscientious market.

Blockbuster // Dimout

fr sheer curtains and an elegant armchair with poufs_lucence collectionfr upholstery in happy yellow couch_blockbuster collection















Moon // Velvet

FR-One’s best-selling and timeless velvet has been refreshed with a deeper colour palette, now available in a total of 39 rich and on-trend colours. Moon’s excellent durability and luxurious touch has made this fabric the go-to velvet for designers and specifiers alike.

Offa & Gossy // Sheer

fr sheer curtain fabric in a minimalist bedroom_offa and gossy collection

There is a spread across a wide range of fabric characteristics

The wide range of fabric characteristics is the first thing that pops out when you narrow down to our best sellers. From dim out drapery and sheer curtains to flat woven fabrics, textured designs and the softer touch of velvet and chenille – there is a gorgeous representation here of the scope of our work.

This reminds us that our inherently fire retardant fabrics are specified across all possible applications, and that our new collections take this into account. This anchors our in-house design team in the big picture, because there are always different applications to consider, different characteristics to work with.

rusty red velvet fr fabric drapery_moon collection

It’s plain to see that the work we’ve put into the development of our inherently fire retardant sheers has always been, and continues to be, very successful. The same goes for our softer fabrics like chenille and velvets, represented here by Moon and Ludo.

A sweep of colours to choose from

And then, there are the colours. From our history, it’s immediately clear that there is a rainbow sweep of colours to choose from, even in this tight-focus bestsellers’ list.

It’s tempting to think that colours come and go with trending styles, and yes, this can be true of certain specific shades (millennial pink comes to mind).

fr velvet upholstery and an elegant armchair in a hotel room_ludo collection

Trends come and go, but colour is a big-picture part of design, and its impact in an interior is timeless.

Colour spotlight on Moon

We take our love of colour into every collection we create. Reinventing some of our top selling collections has been thoughtful but exciting process, and colour comes into play here too.
Moon, one of our all-time best-selling velvet fabrics, has been refreshed in our latest collection release with a deeper colour palette. It’s now available in a total of 39 rich colours.
As we wrote in 2016: We named it ‘Moon’ because, like the light of a full moon, this collection infuses your décor with a glowing glamour and elegance.

emerald green velvet fr fabric on a sofa_moon collection

The market has enthusiastically responded to this re-imagination and the refreshed colour palette. Our customers feel, just like we do, that while there is no need to re-invent the wheel, there are always opportunities to improve on the original design.

FR fabric ludo collection in plum closeupFR sheer curtain fabric closeup_may collection-1jaba_jaba_15-blossom CU

Learning from the reconstruction of fabric characteristics

Moon is just one of our best-selling inherently fire retardant fabrics that has been updated in our new RE-Invent collection. We also see Delis here, a textured fabric featuring a matte, dry touch just like a beautiful raw linen.Instagram Re-Invent51

This reinvention, RE-Delis, is composed of 52% recycled GRS certified polyester, a huge step forward from us into a more sustainable textiles industry.

From the past to the future

Our balanced range of fabric characteristics and colours have been popular throughout the history of FR-One. However, while we pay attention to trends, our own wealth of experience in styling and trends is fundamental to our design process.

Get in touch to specify our inherently fire retardant fabrics today.

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