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Millennial Pink is here to stay

There is no avoiding it, pink is everywhere in interior design!

Gone are the days of hot 1980s pink, today’s ‘millennial pink’ is strong, bold and irresistible.

Instagram queen Kim Kardashian started the wave of pink love on social media a few years ago, when she shared photos of her pink wardrobe to her millions of followers.

When you open any lifestyle influencer’s Instagram feed now, you will see all shades of pink: from the almost beige blush pink to the eye-catching cotton candy hot pink. Even brands like Apple and Acne have embraced this exciting colour trend.


Gossian, Golf and Genii collection
Taormina collection

Millennial Pink is powerful and robust, and not without its sense of rambunctious charm.

Recent hospitality trends show that there is nothing minimalist about pink.

When pink is used in interior design, it is used with complete indulgence.

Look at the totally pink interior at Sketch restaurant or the rose gold shades of the Red Valentino boutique, both designed by India Mahdavi.

It is the colour that defines a generation both on- and off-line.


Galileo collection
Galileo collection
Gossian collection
Gossian collection

This week on our Instagram page we have been focusing on a series of fabulous pink shades and designs from FR-One’s inherently flame-retardant furnishing fabrics collections.

Discover chic pink in the Genova velours upholstery collection, or a surprising pink-striped design in the Architectural Sheers range.

The ‘gwendoline’ watercolour design of the Gossian printed dim out collection brings a decorative aspect to the pink colour trend.

The Grandioso collection shows shades of strong pink in fabulous designs: the contemporary stripes of ‘griflet’, the captivating dotty pattern of ‘ghibli’ as if the Milky Way lit up sky, and the remarkable on-trend damask ‘galore’.

Grandioso and Genii collection
Taormina collection

For more inspiring pink images follow FR-One’s Pink Pinterest board!


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