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Olivier Delhomme presents our RE-Delis & RE-Vive collections

Today we focus on two of our newest collections that feature recycled polyester: RE-Vive and RE-DelisView our beautiful collection videos presented by Olivier Delhomme below and continue scrolling for the key transcript points of his presentations 

Key points for both RE-Vive and RE-Delis 

Both collections feature recycled polyester that is fully traceable under the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). On top of this, both are fully tested and certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that all our fabrics are environmentally safe and are not harmful to human health.  

The other key point with RE-Vive and RE-Delis is that you can wash these fabrics at higher temperatures. We follow the AATCC-TM96 (American Hospital Washing Standard) that requires the fabric to be washed at 160°F which is the equivalent of 71°C. So, the 71°C is a strange number but it also gives you a clue why: when you go above 70°C, you kill all bacteria and the viruses.  

RE-VIVE / 1 Design, 24 SKUs / Dim out 
RE-Vive presents FR-One’s first 100% recycled fabric. This wide width dim out is engineered from 100% recycled polyester certified by the Global Recycled Standard. This collection features a sumptuous touch and drape with a silky-smooth finish, available in a versatile colour palette. 


Transcripted: What is revived with the RE-Vive collection? It is a rethinking of our bestseller collection Blockbuster, and it is a double with dim out with the same characteristics as Blockbuster. 

It features the same opacity at 96%, giving you a luxuriously comfortable feeling inside your room. It provides privacy and opacity from the sun, which is perfect in daytime, and it then ensures you really have a beautiful night’s sleep.  

RE-Vive points the direction for the future of our collections of FR-One 

And what is special about revive is that it's our first collection with 100% recycled polyester content. Every time you use one metre of RE-Vive, you will take away and you will recycle 20 bottles of plastic.  

With RE-Vive we are making sure that our products are going to become more and more sustainable and giving you the guarantee that it is done in the proper (measurable) way, which is very important. 

There is also the certainty that this performance guarantee is not gained by using topical treatments but inherently within the molecular structure of the polyester – and in this case the recycled polyester. 

Optimum safety  

Like all FR-One fabrics, this is a high-performance product because it covers 28 different world fire standards, ensuring that when you specify for one market, you can specify with the peace of mind that it can be used in any environment. 

Our fabrics meet all the most stringent world fire safety standards. View our full database of fire standards on our site. 

RE-DELIS / 1 Design, 18 SKUs / Multipurpose 
FR-One’s best-selling ‘Delis’ is reinvented in a renewed wide width and recycled format. RE-Delis is 300cm wide and features a matte, dry and linen-like look and touch. Composed of 52% recycled GRS certified polyester, RE-Delis is an exciting quality for today’s increasingly astute and conscientious market. 


Transcripted: What is special about RE-Delis is you probably have heard of, or seen, its origin collection (Delis). But what we have done with this reinvention is to change a few elements in the quality itself. RE-Delis has the same structure, the same characteristics, as its origin collection. But this time, this collection is made in a double width of 300 centimetre wide, which will enable you to make very large curtains without any seams.  

RE-Delis: a soft and fully multifunctional FR fabric collection 

Re-Delis has a very natural touch and texture, and in fact there was no calendaring during production which gives it a beautiful softness and more drapeability.  

This wide width quality gives RE-Delis even more multifunctionality, as it can be used to create bed covers even. It has a very good Martindale result, at 40,000 rubs. RE-Delis as a collection is truly multifunctional, an all-over type of product that you can really use in your design schemes.  

Over to you 

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