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Introducing the fabulous 'Moon' collection

We are very excited to give you a peek of our brand new collection (which will be presented to you in the very near future).

We can hardly keep all these beautiful new designs to ourselves and want to give you a glimpse with this little teaser.

Without further ado, here is Moon.

Inspired by the legacy of our successful ‘Plush’ collection, this year we are launching a rich W-weave multi-purpose velvet.

We named it ‘Moon’ because, like the light of a full moon, this collection infuses your décor with a glowing glamour and elegance. ‘Moon’ takes a big step forward re-inventing ‘Plush’ with an even richer pile. This heavy duty fabric has a supple soft touch and hand-feel, yet reaches an amazing 100,000 Martindale abrasion cycles.

Read more about textiles testing. The ‘Moon’ collection is presented in 25 colourways that are an ideal partner to add a touch of luxury to your interiors, thanks to its subtle baroque appearance.

Contract-grade fabric for luxury lovers

‘Moon’ has a lavish colour palette but don't let that fool you: it's not just easy on the eye.

The FR-One symbol certifies that the fabric is inherently and permanently flame retardant because the actual fibre of the yarn itself is flame retardant (meaning that the fabric has not been treated with a flame-retardant finish like with so many of our competitors). 

In case you need any reminding: FR-One provides the gold standard for fire safety. Check out the fire safety standards surpassed by our fabrics.

FR-One fabrics provide interior furnishing and design professionals worldwide with a single means to score above the most stringent FR standards.

The RE-Invent collection of 2020 updates Moon beautifully

FR-One’s best-selling and timeless velvet has been refreshed with a deeper colour palette, now available in a total of 39 rich and on-trend colours. Moon been thoughtfully reinvented for today’s consumer to encourage appreciation of the value of quality and proven products.

Read more about the RE-Invent collection here.

Interested in seeing more of  'Moon'? Check out every colourway here.

Supple and soft-touch
New Moon collection
Glorious and lavish colour palette

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