Why the creative process lies at the heart of all our projects

Creativity is everything when it comes to interior design. From conception to completion, the brief must be met with creativity and originality, while ensuring aesthetics and functionality come together seamlessly.

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Achieving optimal results begins with inspiration

Inspirational design is all around us, but finding inspiration as a designer isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This blog post recognises that inspiration is the first step of every interior decoration project.

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Creating the palette of productivity with our Optimum fabrics range

With its distinctive façade of 756 curved concrete capsule windows, Constantin Brodzki’s architectural masterpiece has an unmistakable visual presence.  

Formerly the headquarters of cement company CBR, the honey-tinted windows of the building draw visitors in, creating a special atmosphere before you even step in through the main entrance.

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Fire Retardant Fabrics: Your top 5 questions answered

For many design projects, particularly those in the commercial arena, Fire Retardant fabrics are imperative. With stringent safety standards to comply with and the need to reassure the end-user, Fire Retardant (FR) fabrics become the essential choice. But with so many different kinds of FR fabrics on the market, researching your options can be a bit of a minefield.

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3 crucial quality questions you need to ask when specifying fabrics

If you're selecting fabrics for a commercial project such as hospitality or retail, it's important to take into account quality credentials like durability and performance.

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