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Natural colour palettes for flawless interiors

Taking textile design inspiration from the ebb and flow of change and the colours of the natural world around us.

The natural world never ceases to amaze. From soaring mountains, rocky cliffs and the crash of waves against the shore, the sources of inspiration provided by the natural world around us is never-ending.

Creating islands in time with natural colours

2020 has been the longest year of our lives, but also the shortest one. We are reminded every day that time doesn’t work in straight lines, but runs in organic shapes and forms that are part of the natural world.

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Nature reminds us that the only constant in life is change. 2020 has been a year of standing still, physically, but a year of rapid progress and transformation in every other way – emotionally, spiritually, and so on.

2020 has reminded us how much we are part of the natural world. We are not outsiders ‘enjoying’ nature we are embedded inside it and as part of it.

Natural colour palettes and organic-feel textures have inspired our work as textile designers since the beginning.

We now invite you to take a journey in images with us, and find inspiration on your way with our curated selection of colour palettes from our own photography for FR-One’s inherently fire retardant fabrics.

Taking design inspiration from the natural ebb and flow of change

Colour palettes of the natural world can change at a moment’s notice, through a darkening of the sky or the whisper of rain. Capturing them in this way gives us the freedom to use them in our own interior decorating decisions and create a haven in a hectic world.

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Whether that haven is restful, serene, inspirational, mood-lifting or deeply focused lies in our hands. Working with colour gives us the opportunity to return to our ideal mindscape. Externally, this year we have radically shifted to a new kind of normal.

It's reminded us that now more than ever, our only constant is change. These calming colour palettes help us on our journey towards balance.

Balance in colours

Aside from so many other things, 2020 will be the year that encouraged people to do better, to be better in themselves and their relationships, and to find better ways to live on this earth. We have explored potential avenues to better methods of consumption, which will ensure a better future for us all.

Sometimes the inspiration to get started, and the road we need to take, was right there in front of us after all.

The natural world is one that thrives through changing, and this is reflected in the subtle colour palettes of our latest collections of inherently fire-retardant fabrics.

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This contemplative interior environment is balanced through the careful curation of an array of hues and contrasts.

The deeply refreshing tone of the midnight blue is offset by the grounding shades of slate and granite, drawn together by burnt umber that lends a hushed contentment to the space.

Explore the full spectrum of possibility on our products page.

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This bedroom environment has a gentler colour palette than the previous one, but is no less balanced for that. This subtle array of shades are perfect for every sleeping environment.

Cornsilk white builds a solid foundation for the bright atmosphere of this space, and is built on then by the other colours. Layers of earthy shades compose a blissfully quiet haven, from a rosy brown to walnut brown in one swoop.

We hope you've found this article interesting with different aspects of colour to unpack in the new year! Contact us today for partnerships.


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