Fire Retardant Fabrics: Your top 5 questions answered

For many design projects, particularly those in the commercial arena, Fire Retardant fabrics are imperative. With stringent safety standards to comply with and the need to reassure the end-user, Fire Retardant (FR) fabrics become the essential choice. But with so many different kinds of FR fabrics on the market, researching your options can be a bit of a minefield.

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Running a textile brand– A chat with Gemma Powers, multi-skilled brand manager

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Introducing our new Fire Retardant range Lithology

Introducing FR-One’s Lithology range

To date, FR-One has launched 10 exceptionally successful ranges, each with a unique visual story, and all with a strong balance of application, key attributes, and functionality.

2018 marks the launch of our 11th range, Lithology, which epitomizes our FR-One vision.

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