Art Deco Interiors for the 21st Century

Art Deco has a bold, sleek aesthetic that transcends trends, and as a result, it has never really gone away since its birth in the roaring 20s.

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What to consider when designing commercial spaces for children

With the rise in popularity of family dining has come a new trend for commercial spaces designed specifically with younger customers in mind. Family-friendly cafés and restaurants are booming and the hospitality industry is increasingly thinking about children as well as adults when they create new hotels and leisure spaces.

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How technology can help create the ultimate hotel experience

In order to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market, some of the world's biggest hotel chains are introducing a range of tech-orientated innovations.

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5 things hotels can learn from Airbnb

The thought of encouraging strangers to stay in your spare room was virtually unheard of prior to 2008. But then along came Airbnb and everything changed. 

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Key hospitality design trends for 2020 you need to know - Part 1

There is a lot going on in the hotel industry. So much so that it’s sometimes hard to see what’s really happening in the industry as a whole.

What is the bigger picture for the hospitality industry in 2020? What are the main trends and themes to take note of in architecture and interior design of these spaces?

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Luxury is Living: 4 New Designer Hotels Focus on Unique Experiences

Luxury is undergoing a sea change in our digital age, experiencing a shift from ‘having’ luxurious goods to ‘experiencing’ moments of luxury. We’ve chosen four new luxury hotels that epitomize this trend and ideal, so get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful spaces.

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