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Five ways to decorate with white

Change of season, change of colour, but what with white?

White drapery
White drapery
  1. White can be used in many styles, from shabby chic to modern Scandinavian. Let this versatile colour sparkle your imagination. A white decor doesn't always have to create a sleek and minimal look. Paired with dusty pink it will create a calm, quiet atmosphere. Adding subtle dark accents helps to keep things stylish and cool (not cold!).
  2. Just change the cushions on the white sofa and your room is ready for the new season! Combine it with orange tones and you create an autumnal vibe. With soft pastels you bring in that spring feeling.
  3. White is a colour too and can come in many shades. It can have yellow, pink or green undertones. Let them be a guide for the rest of your interior design scheme.
  4. White is also great to unify different rooms, creating a harmonizing flow through interior spaces.
  5. Tone on tone whites create a warm decor; playing with textures or patterns in white shades can make the room interesting, from bed linen to cushions and curtains.
White sheers
White with a yellow accent
White with a yellow accent

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