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Optimum by FR-One: create your own success

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Optimum range, a sophisticated range of new fire retardant FR-One fabrics inspired by the collaborative, dynamic nature of the workplace.

Designed with stimulated creativity and meaningful connection in mind, the Optimum range delivers the standards you expect with FR-One...but that is only the beginning.

Our inherently fire retardant fabrics boast durability proven through rigorous mechanical textile tests.

They are also fully washable, certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and offer a remarkable softness to the hand that you never forget.

The very special part is that FR-One fabrics do all this while also conforming to worldwide fire safety standards.

Equipping industry professionals with interior furnishing solutions that work

Professionally, you have the power to define what success looks like for you. Optimum and the team at FR-One is here to support you in making that vision a reality.

Collaborative partnerships that nurture further success and creative growth: this synergy is key to who we are as a company.

In this dynamic world it’s also what you need to make your interiors project live up to your unique vision.

Optimum is our invitation to you to enter a world of partnership, motivated creativity and limitless possibility. It is our invitation to you to surpass your ambitions and unlock your professional best with your next interior architecture project.

Optimum fabrics deliver on...

1 - Excellent results across all categories in mechanical textiles tests. Proven peace and quiet through our fabrics’ innate sound absorption properties.
2- Dim outs to filter the light and create a tranquil space no matter where you are.
3 - Wide-width fabrics for seamless curtains.
4 - Ideal for a range of interiors including hotels and hospitality, entertainment venues, boats and yachts, healthcare facilities, commercial settings and residential properties.
5 - Conforming to world-wide safety standards, as standard.
6 - All Optimum fabrics are certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, proven to be gentle on our delicate ecosystem and human health.
7 - The FR-One Optimum range is fully washable and easy-care ensuring fresh, clean and hygienic furnishings.

Optimum is our stylish interior fabrics solution to the rigorous demands of your project specifications

The entire range features 10 high-performing, beautiful collections made up of multi-purpose fabrics, drapery, sheer and upholstery fabrics.

Everything you need for soft furnishings.

We can’t wait to show you each collection! 

Can't wait for our next Optimum post?

Download the Optimum brochure now


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