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Tips for designing with neutrals

Newsflash: neutral shades are more than only beige. Discover a range of textures and patterns in the FR-One collections for a serene and relaxing design.

Tips for designing with neutrals
"mendi" design

Combining textures and patterns is a great way of infusing your interiors with texture and life.

Discover the delicate patterned sheers in the FR-One Millennium collection and see how calming neutrals can bring personality to the room.

Creating depth with neutral shades

A great example of using texture in neutral shades is found in the intertwining segmented circles in the Waltz design from the FR-One Waldorf collection.


The decorative diamond pattern from the Zefiro design in the Waldorf collection also could give a neutral color scheme some extra character. 

"waltz" design
Tips for designing with neutrals
Zeffiro collection

Not beige, not grey, but greige


In our Prodigy collection you can find a selection of neutral upholstery fabrics ranging from a dusty sand to a beige-y grey that we're calling 'greige'.

Tips for designing with neutrals
"mendi" design

Neutral shades bring a relaxing and serene atmosphere to the room, that is why neutrals are perfect for bedroom designs.

Your bedroom is the place where you end and start the day.

Avoid stuffiness, make it simple and comfortable, this is your place of calm.

Discover elegant combinations of soft terracotta and grey fabrics in the otherwise wildly-vibrant Velutti collection. 

Interested in using FR-One collections in your interiors? Get in touch with us and we'll be delighted to help.

Tips for designing with neutrals
Velutti collection

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