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Back to overview October 22, 2018

Maximize your interior design with triple the fabrics

Use fabrics like a minimalist in order to get some seriously maximalist décor. Read more on how to ramp up the impact of your interior design using sumptuous fabrics and textures.

Love it or hate it, maximalist design in interiors is in (again). Think big, bold patterns, textures and accents - a lot of them, and all at the same time.

Interior design is trending towards that contemporary, decadent feel, with a love for textures and colors that have defined luxury throughout history. We’re seeing an explosion of brocades, rich yellow, and oh-too-soft velvet-feel fabrics.

Check out the Ned in Luxury is Living: 4 New Designer Hotels Focus on Unique Experiences for some seriously beautiful applications of velvet.

We believe it's best to focus on carefully considered staples that will last, to be timelessly chic rather than just a fad-follower. Maximizing the personality in interior decorating is coming to the forefront. A truly personal style is ultimately a careful balancing act between design and eclecticism.

Amp up the textures because luxurious interior design is tactile

This year we’ve noticed a deliberate focus on the creation of tactile interiors. Maybe this is due to the influence of the digital world we’re living in, where everything is smooth glass and titanium, and rounded corners are everywhere. We see more textured fabric in interior design at the moment, bringing the focus back to the present through tactile means.

Luxurious interior design isn’t all about pretty objects that you can see and own: it’s also about the experience, as we’ve written before. It’s about the feel and touch of an interior space just as much as what’s in it.

Using textures in interior design: at a time when there’s a huge worry about our disconnection from each other and our environments, creating a positive connection through design is becoming much more important.

That's where careful use of fabrics and textures comes in.

For example, try out the beautifully delicate Escopium Secrets: Moon and mix it up with Lazarus Laneway: Iron (from the new Lithology range).

How can you work these together? There are endless possibilities in juxtaposition.

Playing with textures is the sometimes over-looked element of interior design that really makes your choices pop. Add extra depth to your design briefs by: showing off your fabric layering skills (read more about that below). You could also use unusual textures in unusual places. Textured wall coverings are showing no sign of slowing down, so it’s time to think about wall upholstery and finishes. Finally, varying your textures is important so that the space isn’t overloaded with too much of the same thing.

Luxury design tip: Whether you want to go the whole way, or just add a little more oomph to a room, remember: to maximize impact, sometimes a minimalist interior design approach is best. Go big by thinking small.

Think wide width fabrics and triple layer curtains

An unusual fabric choice will inject your space with a unique element and will personalize it even more. Here you can take a leaf from the maximalist design guidebook and layer your fabrics.

Filter the light through multiple layers of curtains of different weights. It will create a much more interesting atmosphere that will pack a subtle punch, giving your interior design a modern, enduring touch. It is always better to be memorable than just functional. For bedtime use dim outs or blackouts to your advantage, creating a soothing, tranquil room that’s ready for dreaming.

Check out our dreamy curtain inspiration board on Pinterest

A sheer curtain layer creates a dreamy light-filter between you and the outside world, affording privacy and protection against glare. A second dim out fabric layer shuts out the light, ensuring a good night’s sleep. A final layer can be thicker and more decorative: there’s nothing more luxurious than some ‘me’ time. Not only is velvet on trend and beautiful, it also absorbs sound really well.

For an effortless, seamless look, go for wide width in your curtain fabrics. What this essentially means is that the fabric is room height, meaning that (a) you need less fabric to create the effect you’re looking for and (b) there’s less in the way of manufacturing costs and most importantly (c) there’s no seams.

Go glam or go home

We’ve gone from minimalist design with a maximalist impact, to deliberately tactile choices, to the secrets of wide width curtains.

We’ve found inspiration in some surprising places, and learned how to think more outside of the box when it comes to creating luxury interior design.

Feel free to explore our sumptuous FR textiles and find your dream match. As a reminder, all of our fabrics are fire retardant, proving that glamour doesn’t have to be impractical: we’re ready for your commercial interior design job when you are.


Beautiful sheer curtains in aqua complete your triple fabric look
Beautiful sheer curtains in aqua complete your triple fabric look

Thanks for joining us today! We hope you’ve found our three step guide to instant luxury useful. Share your tips and comments on our Facebook page, and add a touch of personality to your interior design.