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Using the metallic trend in interior design

Today’s interior designers love using luminous fabric to add warmth and sheen to a room.

It’s that 'je ne sais quoi' to an interior that people will remember... and it doesn’t need to be big.

Read on to learn about using metallic tones in your interior design projects.


Equinox collection
Equinox collection
Metallic shades in interiors seem to be appearing everywhere. Even small gold accents in the fabric will capture the attention and make a room memorable.
From warm golds to shiny silvers and rich coppers, let yourself be inspired by FR-One’s fabric collections.
What defines great hotel room design? The one that inspires you to copy that look with your home interiors.
While going full gold might seem utterly fabulous, it really does demand the full attention of a room. It is however perfect for accent colours.
Or go for FR-One’s Vivaldo design for that understated metallic look.
Be all en vogue with the metallic look: one of Dulux's best-selling colours of all time is copper blush - it would go perfectly with this delicate shade.
Metallic fabrics are a fantastic way to capture the light and give a new dimension to a room.
FR-One’s Vizir design from the Velutti collection, and the baroque Verena design from the Venere collection, have metallic colourways with an irresistible lustre.
"vivaldo" design
Mythic collection
Mythic collection
Equinox collection
Equinox collection

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