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2021 art and design trends to inspire awakening

Bru Textiles announces the launch of their 2021/2022 Trends Book, an insightful, inspirational exploration of the heart of contemporary visual culture.


Antwerp, Belgium: Bru Textiles announces the launch of their 2021/2022 Trends Book. Drawing on wide-ranging sources from the worlds of design, art, technology, architecture, fashion and more, the Trends Book is an insightful, inspirational exploration of the beating heart of contemporary visual culture.



Through the adversity we faced together in 2020, we have learnt much about ourselves and our resilience. We honour the needs and dreams of our communities in a continued search for purpose, meaning and hope.

Three essential key themes that have shaped 2020 will continue to inform 2021 and beyond:

  1. In It Together

  2. This theme reflects the realisation that the future hinges on a need for a deep sense of community, the support of local business and the ability to find new and better ways of consumption.
  3. In It Together_Trends 2021_2022
  4. Re-Birth/Re-Thinking

  5. The world is undergoing a sea change leading towards inspired new ways of working, shopping, connecting, finding comfort, commuting, and looking after ourselves. We are realising that we need to look back in order to look forward, finding comfort in objects and activities from our childhood.
  6. Rebirth_Rethinking_Trends 2021_2022
  7. Digitally Authentic

  8. Digital enablement turned what could have been disconnection and confusion into hyper connectivity and enhanced productivity. Our consumer experiences are also transforming. Virtual and augmented shopping realities are booming. The lines between authentic emotional relationships and artificially rendered realities are being redrawn by our human need for connection, understanding and meaning.
  9. Digitally Authentic_Trends_2021_2022

Our in-house team of designers, artists and product developers define the trends of each year, drawing on their own extensive experience, shifts in visual culture, and world events. Their inspirations normally include worldwide visits to trade shows, art galleries and more.

In 2020 this wasn’t possible: our team had to lean more into digital communities, online events, e-learning webinars, and social media to draw the essential learnings and inspiration.

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