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FR-One's latest trend 'Organic Iridescence' will bring light and beauty to your interior project

In an age in which technology is increasingly dominating our lives, designers are embracing a trend for shapes and textures inspired by nature as a way of pushing back against our digital lifestyles. Sharp edges are out, and instead we're seeing a move towards iridescent, ethereal elements with a natural, organic feel.

In the second of our series of blog posts focusing on emerging interiors trends for 2020/2021, we're looking at a theme we're calling 'Organic Iridescence'. An antidote to technology, this trend is all about human connections and authenticity. It's one of seven key themes our design teams have identified to help you stay one step ahead when planning your interiors projects.

In this article, we look at five different ways in which you could introduce aspects of 'Organic Iridescence' into your design schemes.


1. Bring in shimmer & shine

At the heart of 'Organic Iridescence' is an emphasis on shimmering surfaces inspired by naturally-occurring phenomena such as aurora borealis, pearlised shells and butterfly wings. These organic, magical elements add a luminous quality to a scheme, lifting it out of the ordinary.

We predict that iridescent finishes will be a big trend for 2020/2021. Surfaces in distressed mirror glass or gentle burnished bronze bring a welcome, subtle shine to a space as do iridescent gloss tiles – the perfect way to bring this theme into a foyer or bar area.

Pearlescent effects are also going to be hugely popular in the coming seasons. One of our favourites is American manufacturer Maya Romanoff's 'Mother of Pearl On the Half Shell' wall covering. Made from real shells, this exquisite textured finish is available in four different colourways – natural, golden, silver or oyster. 


2. Seek inspiration from nature

Inspired by natural occurrences such as the changing colours of a feather or the petrol-like shimmer of an oyster shell, our Organic Iridescence trend very much takes its lead from nature. Materials such as raffia, linen and wool crepe can be used to replicate the naturally shimmering and shifting textures of waves lapping on the shore or ripples in the sand.

These on-trend, organic forms make a nod to Biophilic Design, the practice of
bringing the natural world to bear on design and architecture. This approach is known to increase feelings of wellbeing and to improve our sense of connection with nature. But it is more than simply bringing the outside in, according to British interior designer Oliver Heath.

'Biophilic Design is about making and strengthening a connection with many aspects of nature', says Oliver. 'In the face of the increasing urbanisation of our society, it’s about reconnecting to nature and the outside world. You know you feel calmer if you are in a forest and you can see plants and feel the breeze and even have your toes in water. It’s about finding a way to bring those sensory elements into your home.'

019_001_optimum_front_21-1019_001_optimum_inside_18-13. The calming presence of pastels

The colour palette we've chosen for Organic Iridescence is a celebration of calming pastels. Inspired by the natural world, these neutral hues of stone, sand and lilac bring a reassuring quietness to a scheme, helping to create a calm and harmonious feel.

The only accent colour among this collection of pale hues is a deep blue closely aligned with Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year 'Classic Blue'. Chosen by the experts at Pantone for its 'solid and dependable' qualities, this timeless shade is the perfect foil for our range of gentle pastels. Deep blues have proved phenomenally popular in recent years – particularly for use on panelling and cabinetry – and these navy shades look set to continue to dominate interiors in 2020 and beyond. TRENDS9

4. Introduce abstract, organic shapes 

Remembering that Organic Iridescence is all about reconnecting with the here and now, a key part of this trend is the introduction of 'real' organic shapes. Bringing in banquette seating in curved, irregular forms or adding textural art installations with ripples and wave-like shapes gives a sense of immediacy to a space. If we can feel it and touch it, we can't help but feel grounded and reassured by our environment. These intriguing shapes reflect the natural world and serve to soften an interior as well as creating an interesting focal point.


5. Add an ethereal edge

To bring a dreamy lightness to your interiors it's worth introducing sheer, floaty fabrics and cloud-like textures. 

You can also bring seemingly weightless elements into a space by selecting sculptural lighting pieces. The curved, woven shapes of Tom Raffield's steam-bent wooden light fittings tie in perfectly with this theme. His beautiful, handcrafted lights are available in ash, oak or walnut options. Tom Dixon's Melt Pendant Light with its fluid form and mirror finish is also a great way to add an ethereal edge to a scheme.

When it comes to window treatments, it's all about the briefest whisper of shimmering softness. Our Voile FR range offers a wide selection of adaptable silky sheers which facilitate privacy while still allowing light to filter into the room.


If you want to know more about our trends forecast for 2020/2021, download our Trends Book here.

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