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Grand - the new collection 2016

When we looked for the perfect word to describe our new 2016 collection we immediately agreed on ‘Grand’: impressive, sumptuous and fabulous in all its aspects.

Grandeur and charm
Grandeur and charm

We went all the ‘Grand’ way during our photoshoots. From the grandeur of a high ceiling Parisian apartment to the charming appeal of an Amsterdam canal house and the history filled character of a chateau in Bruges. The photos from this collection ooze the feeling of beauty and style that is found in all the Grand fabrics.

In this collection of inherently flame-retardant upholstery and drapery fabrics for both residential and hospitality use we have combined two main trends in furnishing fabrics. You can find calm naturals that create a feeling of blissful balance but also luxurious vibrant textures and patterns that bring a sensation of real grand glamour. 

The Grand collection is characterised by rich velvets that resonate the splendor of Italian classic weft figured fabrics, elegant sheers that make you dream of the floating voiles of the Babylonian era and three tone jacquards draperies with dimensional effects. We invite you to discover the luxurious blend of eclectic designs traveling through a range of striking patterns and fascinating shades. Browse through the myriad of plains in an astounding color palette that can be used in a wide variety of interior design projects.

FR-One offers a wide range of dim-outs and a novelty in the Grand collection is that we have for the first time in the FR-One history launched printed dim-out drapery fabrics, two designs that will charm with a soft floral and an aquarelle sculptured leaf pattern in stunning colour combinations. 
Grand is a marvelous collection of inherently flame-retardant fabrics with the FR-One's gold standard for safety.

Discover the Grand collection on FR-One's social media channels in the coming weeks!

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Luxurious vibrant textures
Grand glamour
Grand glamour
Stylish interior
Striking patterns
Striking patterns

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