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Back to overview July 27, 2017

Designer Jaime Hayon works magic in the Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel

‘A visual journey through Spain’s past’: this is what Spanish artist and designer Jamie Hayon had in mind when designing the fabulous interior of the Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel.

It makes us very proud to be featured here with three FR-One fabrics.

Designer Jamie Hayon was born in Madrid, and has received multiple awards for his interior design work. He's explored the boundaries between fine art and functional interior design for his entire career. His interiors are an irresistibly playful fusion of eclectic elements.

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Wallpaper Magazine has put him in the list of top 100 best designers and Time Magazine sees him as a visionary: one of the most influential designers of this decade.

Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel

Passing through a huge painted bear in the entrance hall, you step into the frisky world of a creative icon.

Hayon tells his story of Spain through a jewel-toned colour palette and a deliberately tongue-in-cheek choice of wall art.

Every element has a clever reference to Spain’s rich heritage.

"I was fully dedicated to the creation of a very special and unique space that would represent a new vision of Spain, a vision far from the traditional aesthetic", he writes on his website.

Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel

There is always humour and a touch of sensuality in Hayon's designs.

You immediately see this sensuous feeling in the fabulous blue sofa designed in FR-One 'Houdini' velvet.

The fire retardant Houdini velvet range combines a lovely soft touch with deep rich colours: a perfect fit for the striking interiors of this daring hotel.

Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
FR-One Houdini

Pale green dim-out curtains in the bar and lobby area come from the FR-One Blockbuster range.

A sensitive and engaging colour that brings a relaxed and ornate feature to the room.

The Blockbuster range has an elegant drapability and combines functionality with sophistication. FR-One dim out fabrics function as light filters and will also help with acoustics and heat control.

The Blockbuster fabric in the lobby is combined with exquisite sheers from the FR-One Gossy collection.

They softly filter the Mediterranean sun coming through the majestic hotel windows.

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FR-One Blockbuster
Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel
FR-One Gossy