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Designing comfort in a healthcare setting: FR-One featured in Dormy Care Communities

New advances in design are proving that there are ways in which physical surroundings really can have a positive effect on people. In healthcare design especially, interior design can positively affect the moods, sleep, and general wellbeing of long-term guests of care home facilities or hospitals.

In this post, we look at these advances through the lens of our work with the Dormy Care Community homes, an exclusive collection of luxurious rest homes nestled in the heart of the UK countryside.

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Dining room: Curtains - FR-One, Vanguard, Valhalla


Where luxurious wellbeing and interior design go hand in hand

Each space within the Dormy Care Communities incorporates luxurious design elements designed to enhance the wellbeing of their long-term guests.

FR-One fabrics are used throughout these interiors, particularly in bedrooms and dining areas.

The Dormy Care Communities is an exclusive group of care homes offering luxury living with exceptional care. Founded by Helen Davies-Parsons, a registered nurse for 33 years and with over 27 years’ experience in the care home sector, their focus is on providing the highest standards of care and support in the very best environments.

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Dining room: Curtains - FR-One, Gossian, Gwendoline


The curation of the interiors in these care communities is the work of Kelly Wilson Interiors (KWI), an award-winning design company who provide a creative interior design service for care homes.

Their work is an innovative fusion of form and function that comes together in beautiful décor and interior furnishings that boost the wellbeing of guests and the efficiency of staff.


Bedroom: Curtains - FR-One, Grandioso, Goshenite & Gaspeite | Cushions - FR-One, Grandioso, Gaspeite & Golf


Comfort is key for long-term residents of the Dormy Care Community

Windows in the care communities are large, establishing a connection with nature that is very important. Natural elements enter each interior space as well, whether through use of wall-size artwork depicting natural scenes, botanical prints, or placement of indoor plants.

The large windows of these healthcare facilities enhance the level of natural light in each room, another important facet in the overall wellbeing of guests and staff.

Noise can be very distracting and in the Dormy Care Communities, the soft furnishings and careful selection of drapery control it.

Use of cheerful yet calming colour palettes contributes to the feeling of reassuring serenity in these interior spaces as well. 


Dining room: Curtains - FR-One, Jubilea, Jaborine


Finally, the Dormy Care Communities care homes are striking in that are deliberately as ‘unclinical’ as possible. Nothing here suggests ‘healthcare’ to the people experiencing the interiors, and that is on purpose. The designers at KWI achieved this by using homey materials with a luxurious touch-and-feel.

Making interior spaces feel homier takes the focus away from worries, problems or illnesses that the guests might have, placing it squarely instead on their wellbeing as a fully-rounded human being.

Inspirational contract-grade interior fabrics with a touch of home

At FR-One we specialise in offering luxurious lifestyle interiors that fully comply with contract specifications. Our local partner Style Library Contract worked closely with KWI, supplying interior fabrics and fittings from across their brands, including from our own inherently fire retardant fabrics.

Style Library Contract provides clients with the means to create beautiful, design-led interiors that residents of healthcare facilities are proud to call home.


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