fire retardant fabrics for tight deadlines
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How to deliver even on a tight deadline with our fast-track service

2020 has changed the landscape of work, with workers shifting from office-based workspaces to working from home, to the fundamental transformation of industries we used to take for granted. The hospitality industry, for example, has changed so much in the past six months. So have bars and restaurants. 

Adapting to changing circumstances is a key skill and our fast track service is an impactful tool in the arsenal of architects and interior designers working on contract projects.


This service has been designed to take the heavy lifting out of contract design specification, and created especially for industry professionals facing tough deadlines.


What is this service, exactly? How can it help you?

Let’s take a look.

Proven results with our best performing contract fabrics

FR-One’s Fast Track service has a strong focus on drapery. We’ve learned from our experience in the industry that this is the facet of commercial design projects that needs our help the most.

These drapery fabrics fulfil most contract, project and commercial requirements. Alongside SKUs with a proven track history of results, this service also offers fast delivery to speed up your project timeline.

We curated the fabrics in this special collection from our top selling designs and colours. Based on over 10 years of experience in the contract furnishing fabrics industry, we have condensed our drapery offering down to the essentials you need to fulfil your project deadlines.

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These ‘essentials’ cover designs and colours of fabrics and extend to the textiles testing standards that come up repeatedly in contract projects.

This ensures that the fabrics you choose to go with from our Fast Track Service are high performers in every sense of the term: visually stunning, soft to touch, reliably durable, inherently fire retardant and on top of all this: they are all available from stock.

Our enhanced inventory position for this Fast Track Service guarantees that your design project will meet even the most challenging deadlines, even for large quantities.

A deeper dive into our special fast-track drapery collection

This 30 SKU contract fabrics collection ranges from dim outs to linen-looks, to satins and sheers, all available in key contract colours.

It was put together to address various key needs of contract projects worldwide in the fastest timeframe possible.

How have we chosen the colour palette and designs for this collection?

We have analysed the most-specified characteristics in contract drapery fabrics for ten years.

The colours and designs of the FR-One Fast Track fabrics come from a well-researched and frequently updated position of experience and insight.

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What we mean by ‘high performance fabrics’

FR-One fabrics are high performance products, and this includes those in our Fast Track service. We test all of our inherently fire retardant fabrics for durability, colourfastnessness, stability and strength.

Performance is key for our Fast Track Service. We made this special range based on the combination of carefully selected designs with the most important technical performance indicators in order to give you the solutions you need to finish your contract project on time and within budget.

A sneak peek of some of the designs included in our Fast Track service

  • Genial – a textured drapery fabric in a plain colourway, ideal for large bay windows.
  • Jaime – a sumptuous flat weave fabric in plain satin. This drapery fabric imbues interior spaces with a soft lustre
  • Jest – a beautiful dim out with a soft touch made of microfiber suede
  • Jaba - a matt sheer drapery fabric with the look and feel of muslin gauze

Our washable contract fabrics are also green conscious

With this in mind, all FR-One fabrics are fully washable. They also have robust sound absorption properties.

Developed with an eye to the hospitality industry, our fabrics are tested under ISO 354-11654. Most of the designs in our Fast Track Service are classified as ‘Extremely Absorbing’ category A and B.

We develop all of our fabric ranges to fulfil stringent environmental standards, going far beyond the necessary legal requirements to protect our fragile environment.

Every component in our Fast Track fabrics collection complies with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a globally recognised quality label. We are proud to announce that in fact all of our inherently fire retardant fabrics qualify under this standard.


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