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Our UK partner for high quality furnishing fabrics: this is Sekers Fabrics

FR-One’s inherently fire retardant fabrics are high performance products, and our partners are high performers too. Today we zoom in on Sekers Fabrics in the UK as a perfect example of the unique qualities we look for in partnerships.

Let’s look at how our shared history and expertise is woven together.

Sekers Fabrics and FR-One

Looking at the big picture is important, but we are passionate about the details of all parts of our operations. Today, we focus on just one of our partners, with an in-depth look into the details of who they are and what our partnership means for the textiles industry.

Sekers Fabrics was founded in 1938 by Miki Sekers and his cousin, Tomi de Gara, who both trained in the textile industry in Hungary, France and Germany.

“We are very proud to be the new, exclusive UK provider of FR-One, supplying their enviable product range, with an emphasis on the new RE-Invent Collection. This concise range has been carefully designed to encourage the consumer to embrace FR-One’s timeless and proven best-sellers with many collections featuring recycled polyester yarns. We are confident that these collections will be the ideal choice for clients, old and new, specifying for all commercial contract, marine and residential projects.” David Lawton, Sekers’ Group Sales Director – Design Insider

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Furnishing fabrics from the 1960s onwards

In 1960, Sekers released their very first furnishing fabrics collection. This first collection went on to win coveted design awards.

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In 1967 they were honoured with the Royal Warrant of Appointment as suppliers of furnishing fabric to Her Majesty the Queen of Britain.

A mixture of original creativity and strong technical skills

Sekers’ Fabrics history is rich with a wonderful mix of the inspirational and the practical. This is something we prize in our own operations.

Our in-house production and design team is a perfect example of this fusion. On the one hand, their beautiful, on-trend designs and magnificent use of colour come from a well of creativity.

On the other, they set the bar for our industry with their wide-ranging technical expertise as textile product designers.

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Back to a ‘big picture’ view of the furnishing fabrics industry

We are proud of the legacy of our inherently fire retardant furnishing fabrics.

We focus on design quality, differentiating ourselves through our technical innovations and our diverse upholstery and drapery fabric ranges.

A deep understanding of the “real-world” aspect of our business and our industry keeps this focus sharp. We draw on our rich history, our best-in-class customer service, and our investment in the future of the industry.

All of this is to supply the best FR fabrics to the market, weaving strands of technology and human ingenuity into our story in the 21st century.

Interested in learning more about our exciting projects? Email us today.

We're looking forward to the growth opportunities this partnership provides, now and into the future.

Visit us and Sekers Fabrics at HIX (the Hotel Interiors Experience expo) on 18-19th November, Stand 19, at London’s Business Design Centre.

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