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Reinvent the hospitality industry with FR-One at HIX

Our partnership with Sekers Fabrics is one of our most dynamic, and we are thrilled that they are both sponsoring and exhibiting at the HIX (Hotel Interiors Experience) Event 2021.

Today we look at key talks and takeaways for our industry through an FR-One lens, with thought-provoking articles from our blog for you to explore.

Focusing on meaningful connection and change within the hospitality industry

The talks at HIX form a palette focused on wellbeing, meaningful relationships, and redefining materialism within the hospitality sector. The number of talks has been stripped down as the event organisers create a considered conversational as opposed to a jam-packed seminar schedule.

It is wonderful to see the hospitality sector turn in this considered, thought-provoking direction. It speaks to us as a brand, and to our partnership with Sekers Fabrics as we collaborate in a meaningful relationship towards a sustainable future within the textiles industry. – Olivier Delhomme

At FR-One, this is something close to our own hearts, as our inherently fire-retardant fabrics are the result of a long series of carefully considered choices. Each year we renew our dedication to continual improvement through responsible design. We renew our dedication to our community too, with our consumers, partners, and our environment’s requirements as our collective priority.

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For example, with our latest collection, we have re-imagined and re-purposed our customers’ favourite FR fabrics collections to give them a new, exciting future, literally re-inventing textile materials.

This year’s HIX (Hotel Interiors Experience) Event

HIX 2021 is taking place on November 18th and 19th at the London Business Design Centre. As an event, it celebrates and brings together the people that represent the hotel interiors supply chain.

Hotel designers and developers in our post-pandemic age must understand and respond to social change. Our six talks address one question: how has the world changed and what do these changes mean for hotel design and development? - source

The focus of the event lies squarely on how the hospitality world has changed following the COVID-19 pandemic, on what we’re choosing to take with us into the future, and what we prefer to leave behind. Here are our HIX talk picks for 2021:

Quietness With Attitude (wellness in hospitality design)

Christian Sieger, Owner, sieger design / Hen'a Yadav, Principal, Studio Carter / Cedrick Etienne, Founder, Studio Corkinho

COVID-19 pressed ‘fast forward’ on the mental health and wellness conversation, removing social taboos, and heightening people’s awareness of wellbeing, their own and of those around them. Think slow design, silent architecture, and design for wellbeing.

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All Together Now (forging 'togetherness' through design)

Jason Steere, Managing Director of Brand & Experience, The Student Hotel

When we stayed indoors, we were isolated from family, friends, colleagues, and communities. Now as we reconnect with others, your hotel lobbies, bars, and guest rooms represent, celebratory, communal, cathedrals of togetherness.

What other building can scream or whisper the words, ‘let’s meet, eat, sleep, drink, create, dance, swim, hug and discover’, like a hotel can? Jason shares his passion for hospitality and design as unique tools for forging togetherness. Harnessing the power of interiors, programming, and community, you may feel the unapologetic chorus of ‘All together now’.

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Find FR-One fabrics at HIX Stand 19

Alongside sponsoring and exhibiting, Sekers Fabrics will also be presenting our fire-retardant FR-One fabrics, especially the newest RE-Invent range which features 3 collections manufactured with recycled polyester.

This concise range embraces timeless and proven best-sellers, recreated to encourage an appreciation of the value of quality and proven products.

Explore the RE-Invent fire retardant fabric range on our site. See you at HIX!


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