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Sustainable Practices in FR-One Fabric Production

Today we look at what FR-One is doing to implement sustainable practices and how as a textiles brand, we've found the balance between science and art to create products that carry international certification as well as being aesthetically appealing.

We’re excited to tell you all about the innovative new eco-friendly fabrics in our SPELLBOUND collection, which we feel shows how sustainability is an integral part of what we do.

Proactivity and innovation for a sustainable textiles industry 

SPELLBOUND is our range of fire-retardant fabrics made from Global Recycled Standard (GRS) fibre content. It includes 7 collections—multi-purpose, upholstery, drapery and sheers—that are designed with care.

It solidifies our choice and use of GRS yarns, a process which began with our RE-Invent collection, which showcased 3 new fabric constructions, manufactured from recycled polyester.

RE-Invent was a collection that demonstrated how this recycled plastic has the potential to change the fabrics industry forever. Learn more about RE-Invent here.

Environmental sustainability in the textiles industry is a complicated issue

We are limiting our selection to a few key fabric ranges and concentrating on making innovative versions of our best-selling designs.

We believe in the 'buy once, buy better,' philosophy and we're taking steps to ensure our products are made from the best possible materials and that they last as long as possible.

We want you to feel good about buying or specifying your upholstery and drapery materials from us, and we're committed to making sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your textiles. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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Small steps, big impact

As the challenges of climate change and other environmental concerns grow even more urgent, our focus on sustainable textiles manufacturing is only going to get stronger.

We’re committed to making small changes and improvements in our manufacturing processes, but how can we demonstrate this? Let's look at four ways:

- The Global Recycled Standard
- The ISO 14001 standard on environmental management
- Our latest ranges such as RE-Invent and SPELLBOUND

The Global Recycled Standard: more than a stamp of approval 

The GRS is a standard of verification for companies to determine the recycled content of their products. It also applies to many different parts our industry, including spinning and weaving; knitting—including dyeing and printing; assembly such as sewing and even packaging.

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For a product to be able to claim the Global Recycled Standard certificate, its producer must ensure that all parties involved in the production—including suppliers—are certified by an independent certification body. It’s a far-reaching regulation that has a knock-on effect throughout the textiles industry.  

We lead the way in monitoring chemicals in our furnishing fabrics

Zooming out from RE-Invent and SPELLBOUND, let’s look at chemicals use in FR-One fabrics.

The textile industry has, historically, been one of the worst offenders when it comes to pollution caused by the use of chemicals. This is why monitoring textiles for chemicals is especially important.

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There are two easily verifiable standards that FR-One fabrics are manufactured under that combat their chemical impact on the environment. 

  • FR-One’s fire-retardant fabrics are certified under The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a worldwide system for ensuring that all aspects of textile production meet environmental standards. This is how anybody can easily verify the guarantee that our fabrics are safe for human health and the environment.
  • In addition, all of our fabrics are REACH-certified. This regulatory framework calls for the proactive replacement of chemicals that have been deemed dangerous by an EU agency called the European Chemical Agency (ECA).
  • Self-policing our sustainability: ISO 14001  

We continually seek ways to improve the sustainability of our fabrics, as well as how we do business.

This is why we’re not just monitoring ourselves: we’re looking at our suppliers too. We monitor our mills' compliance with the ISO 140001 standard on environmental management, giving them the tools and knowledge that they need to develop practical systems for managing their own environmental responsibilities.

The ISO 14001 standard is an international benchmark for setting environmental standards. It applies to any type of organization, regardless of size or business sector—and it provides assurance that best practices are being implemented across all operations.

ISO 14001 certification offers benefits to our customers and end-users:

  • - Minimised collective environmental footprint. 
  • - Diminished collective risk of pollution incidents. 
  • - Operations systems are continuously improved. 

Our world is ready for a re-invention 

FR-One’s fire-retardant fabrics are the result of a long series of informed choices, from pattern and colour scheme selection to the characteristic quality of our final collections.  

Contact us today to learn more about our processes and to begin your partnership with us. 


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