Creating tranquil soundscapes in bars and restaurants: an insider look

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Luxe it up: tranquillity is trending in hospitality design

Style (r)evolutions happen somewhat organically throughout the year, but every now and then there’s a trend that comes out of nowhere: right now, tranquillity is it. We’re focusing on the impact of design on sleep quality today, and how upholstery can help up the 'tranquillity factor' in your sleeping spaces.

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Proven quality: textile tests for professionals

In this post we’re having an in-depth rundown through some of the tests FR-One fabrics undergo in our search for the highest quality textiles. Read on to discover exactly what these tests are and what your fabric’s test results mean.

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6 restaurant interior design trends you need to know about for 2019

Restaurant design is changing, and it’s about time. In this blog post we’re looking forward to 2019 interior design trends, focusing especially on restaurants and other high-traffic spaces.

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Maximize your interior design with triple the fabrics

Use fabrics like a minimalist in order to get some seriously maximalist décor. Read more on how to ramp up the impact of your interior design using sumptuous fabrics and textures.

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Luxury is Living: 4 New Designer Hotels Focus on Unique Experiences

Luxury is undergoing a sea change in our digital age, experiencing a shift from ‘having’ luxurious goods to ‘experiencing’ moments of luxury. We’ve chosen four new luxury hotels that epitomize this trend and ideal, so get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful spaces.

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Inherently Fire Retardant, Inherently Luxurious: This Is Lithology

From graceful sheers to lustrous chenille, velvet and jacquard, our Lithology range offers everything you need for your commercial or residential projects. Read on more all the luscious details of each collection.

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Introducing our new Fire Retardant range Lithology

Introducing FR-One’s Lithology range

To date, FR-One has launched 10 exceptionally successful ranges, each with a unique visual story, and all with a strong balance of application, key attributes, and functionality.

2018 marks the launch of our 11th range, Lithology, which epitomizes our FR-One vision.

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The Ins and Outs of Fire Retardant Fabrics

Fire retardant fabrics are used in everything from high-end upholstery to soft furnishings to schoolroom curtains - but what exactly qualifies a fabric as "fire retardant"? Read on to discover what makes a fabric count as flame retardant, how flame resistant fabrics are made and some of the practical matters of owning fire retardant upholstery.

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Fast Track

Google the meaning of the term ‘Fast Track’, and Wikipedia will tell you: it is the quickest and most direct route to achievement of a goal. The Merriam Webster dictionary explains it as a process or way of proceeding that produces a desired result quickly.

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Celebrate with the Jubileum Collection

This year we celebrated FR-One’s 10th anniversary, and marked it with our aptly named collection ‘Jubilea’.

It is an innovative and eclectic collection influenced by recent trends such as those seen at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

Keep reading to find out more about some of this year’s highlights.

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Yves Klein Blue in interior design

We have seen an explosion of colour at this year’s interior design fairs: yellow, green and blue in shades that dare to be there!

They are distinctive colours that perfectly complement the still on-going presence of pastels. Now let’s take a look at the electrifying blue, also known as Klein Blue.

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Dim out fabrics to filter the light in style

Have you ever been awake at night because the room wasn’t dark enough? Let’s pull back the curtain for you and show you what can help with this problem. In FR-One’s range of dim-outs and black-outs you find great designs and colour palettes. No more need for eye masks, you can keep those for the airplane.

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Designer Jaime Hayon works magic in the Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel

‘A visual journey through Spain’s past’: this is what Spanish artist and designer Jamie Hayon had in mind when designing the fabulous interior of the Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel.

It makes us very proud to be featured here with three FR-One fabrics.

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Dreamy sheer curtains

Is there anything more dreamy and romantic than floor to ceiling sheer curtains floating in the summer breeze? Sheers add a layer of soft texture to your décor, and because of their lightweight appearance they won’t overpower your interior. At FR-One you find a range of curtain fabrics: from voile curtains to net curtains to make your room stylish and beautiful.

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The art of hygge

Are you constantly running around chased by deadlines, the smartphone glued to your hand?

We live in a busy world with daily stresses where moments to relax have become a luxury.

Time to bring some hygge to your life.

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Celebrating the first 10 years of FR-One fabrics

Ten years ago, in May 2007, FR-One was launched at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas.

This month we have celebrated with an overview of our collections on the FR-One Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages... and some cupcakes!

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Millennial Pink is here to stay

There is no avoiding it, pink is everywhere in interior design!

Gone are the days of hot 1980s pink, today’s ‘millennial pink’ is strong, bold and irresistible.

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Ricardo Bofill's architectural paradise

The FR-One photoshoots are always shot in exceptional locations.

A few years ago we took the Hotel Jardin collection to La Fabrica, the headquarters of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

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Interior design fabric trends in 2017

Architectural Digest Magazine has recently published an article on the fabric trends we will see in interior design this year.

Looking at patterns and shades these are the five themes they presented:

  • sunny yellow colours to lift up any mood
  • the classic stripes revisited
  • a come-back of moiré
  • strong pink they call 'haute' pink
  • a geometric pattern that channels a classic Bauhaus theme
All trends can be found in this year's FR-One collections too and you can find an overview in this blog post View more
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